19 November 2008

Glossary and Acronyms

AAR - Association of American Railroads
CARRD - Californians Advocating Responsible Railroad Design
CBOSS - Communication-Based Overlay Signal System
CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act
CEMOF - Centralized Equipment Maintenance and Operations Facility
CHSRA - California High Speed Rail Authority
CPUC - California Public Utilities Commission
CSS - Context-Sensitive Solutions
CTC - Centralized Traffic Control
DTX - Downtown Extension
EIR - Environmental Impact Report (under CEQA)
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement (under NEPA)
EMU - Electric Multiple Unit
ERTMS - European Railway Traffic Management System
ETCS - European Train Control System
FRA - Federal Railroad Administration
FTA - Federal Transit Administration
GO - General Order (see CPUC)
HSR - High-Speed Rail
JPB - Joint Powers Board
NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard
NPRM - Notice of Proposed Rule Making
MOU - Memorandum Of Understanding
MTC - Metropolitan Transportation Commission
OCS - Overhead Contact System
PAMPA - Palo Alto - Menlo Park - Atherton
PCC - Peninsula Cities Consortium
PCJPB - Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
PRP - Peninsula Rail Program
PTC - Positive Train Control
RFP - Request for Proposals
ROW - Right Of Way
STRACNET - Strategic Corridor Network
TTC - Transbay Transit Center
UPRR - Union Pacific Railroad